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Habeys Boduberu was formed on 07th August 2011 in Male', Maldives. What started out as a hobby for the seven members have grown into a band of 27 members and have now become the most popular bands of the genre with the largest fan base in Maldives. In 2016 under Habeys management, Gravity was formed which is a Maldivian rock/metal band comprising of multi talented and experienced musicians, highly reputed of the current music scene With major inspirations deriving from the rock and metal genre, Gravity aims to introduce a new era of Maldivian rock. With a progressive style and sound Gravity brings to the table a unique take on Maldivian art and music.

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Lailathul'gadhr Habeys
Kalima Habeys
Manmma Habeys
Zamaan Habeys
Insaanaa Habeys
Dhathuru Habeys
Ahunney Habeys
Hooru Kanbaafulhu Habeys
Habeys participating in 'Run For Charity' Habeys
Habeys Boduberu 2016 FishTrip Habeys
Habeys Eid Trip 2016 Habeys
Hithaanee season Habeys
Sounds of Maldives 2017 Singapore - Final Preparations Habeys
Habeys Maalhos Trip 2016 Habeys
Making of Kasabu Libaas Habeys
1st Fan of the month Habeys
Gravity at Sunny Side Music Festival Habeys
Modern Skins on Traditional Boduberu Habeys
Menniquin Challenge - Habeys Studio Habeys
Asurumaa (HD) by Habeys Boduberu Habeys
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